Ideas for Bachelorette Parties NYC.

New York City, Philadelphia & Atlantic City
Male Strippers for Rent


Rent one of our sexy male strippers or male exotic dancers from our male strip clubs in New York City or Atlantic City and get two FREE tickets to one of our strip shows. .

Bachelorette Parties in New York with Male Striptease.

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Male exotic dancers in our New York City male strip club show. 
A New York City Bachelorette Party at our male strip club.

Rent A Male Stripper

Rent one of our sexy male strippers or male exotic dancers from our male strip clubs.
The fee is $175 for a 45 minute show at your location. Our male exotic dancer will thrill your guests and keep your bachelorette party talking for years to come.
You also will also get two FREE tickets to one of our male strip clubs as a gift from us.

Please have ready when calling the date, time and location of your event. We will also need a credit card for a non refundable deposit to hold the dancer for the time and date you request.

bachelorette party ideas new york with male strippers New York. New York City male strippers at our male strip club.

Male Stripper Etiquette
If your pal's bridal celebration does take a turn toward the saucy, here's a little bit of advice about how to, well, handle the entertainment.

  • Remember that the dancer is there to perform for you. He is not your plaything for the night.
  • When you slip those dollar bills into his garment (whatever it may be, and however slinky), let him guide you as to where to stuff your cash. (And don't ask for a receipt.)
  • Applause and cheering is always welcome, but keep rude or lascivious comments to yourself. No performer, male or female, likes to feel like a piece of meat.
Above all, enjoy yourself and enjoy the beauty of the human male form -- undulating just for you and your party!

Ask our reservationist anything you like. Our professional staff will help you plan your party right they have been responsible for booking and caring for thousands of parties.

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