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A New York City Bachelorette Party at our male strip club.

Atlantic City Male Strip Club Articles

Bachelorette party Atlantic City

If you are considering having a bachelorette party Atlantic City we strongly suggest you plant it a couple of months in advance so you can book everything you need without having any problems with sold out rooms ,shows, clubs  just to name a few. This past year seen a record number of ladies choosing to have their bachelorette party Atlantic City and we expect this year’s numbers to double. Most of the bachelorette parties are booked up from March thru the months of October. We feel if your bachelorette party Atlantic City is in those months give yourself at least six months in advance.

How to plan out your bachelorette party Atlantic City

When having a bachelorette party Atlantic City we strongly suggest you star with booking your hotel reservations first that is usually the most important that you have your whole bachelorette party Atlantic City secured in where they will be sleeping that evening and also find out when booking your room if they have group bachelorette party Atlantic city discounts.

Where will you eat?

Once the room is secured then the next thing to book is where the whole bachelorette party Atlantic City will eat. There is many great places to eat from five star restaurants to very popular chain places and all of them get booked up pretty fast so make sure you make your dinner reservations  and make sure if you have tickets afterward to any of the shows that you let them know in advance so they move you along accordingly. The last thing you want to do is stress out that your dinner is late and you are going to miss the show you have purchased your tickets to so plan everything with time to spare.

Male strip clubs

Most of the male strip clubs Atlantic city get sold out rather quickly so if your bachelorette party Atlantic City is planning to see one of these shows make sure you book this way in advance as well. Most of the bachelorette party Atlantic City evening is based around these types of shows so make sure you secure your tickets in advance. Most of these show also have bachelorette party Atlantic City group packages so make sure you inquire prior to booking your tickets it is a great way to save some money and get the best possible seating for the whole bachelorette party Atlantic City to enjoy.

Male Strip Clubs Atlantic City

Most clubs on Saturday nights have long lines and the last thing you want on your bachelorette party Atlantic City is to be waiting in line call the Casino where the club is and pre book your night and let them know you are celebrating your bachelorette party and find out what types of discounts they offer for the whole evening. We know this year will be bigger than ever so if you decide to have your bachelorette party Atlantic City make it right and give yourself some time to make it a night you will never forget.







bachelorette party ideas new york with male strippers New York. New York City male strippers at our male strip club.

Male Strippers NYC Articles

Male Strippers NYC

If you are planning a bachelorette party in New York we strongly suggest that you make the male strippers NYC theme part of the equation. The whole part of the male strippers NYC themed night goes exactly with what bachelorette parties come to expect. Most male strippers NYC shows are geared towards the bachelorette parties and have very special packages to make your night one you will not soon forget.

Booking Tickets

When planning your night like anything else first and for most the male strippers NYC themed show tends to get sold out especially from the months of March thru October so always pre book your tickets in advance. The last thing you want is to have your bachelorette party go to one of the male strippers NYC themed shows and be turned away due to it being sold out.

Bachelorette packages

Most of the male strippers NYC themes have bachelorette party packages giving group discounts at a really good price. Most of the shows also include bottles of champagne and free admission to whatever club the show is being held at make sure that you ask when booking your tickets and never assume also when booking the male strippers NYC show ask what the age is to get in you do not want to assume that eighteen is the right age when most of the male strippers NYC shows are in fact twenty one.

The Hot Seat

Most male strippers NYC themed shows also have what they call a hot seat which is a fun moment for the bachelorette. It basically puts her on stage in one of the male strippers acts and incorporates her into the show. For example if she happens to get called up in one of the Fireman’s act expect her to be carried and picked up in some naughty positions but all done with taste. This tends to be one of the bigger highlights of the whole bachelorette evening as well as great photo opportunities that will last a lifetime. We strongly suggest to book a Hot seat if the bride is not supper conservative if she is a little on the shy side we might not recommend it. Remember this is her night and although we want her to have fun we don’t want to upset the apple cart.

Planning is Everything

So once again to make your whole male strippers NYC the perfect night without any glitches book the right packages ask the right questions and make sure you get everything that fits your bachelorette parties New York City needs. Always make sure whatever you book write it down to make sure you get everything you are promised and ladies enjoy your great night out it will be well worth it.

Best Male Stripper Companies

Some of the best male strippers NYC themed companies include the Savage-Men which hosts real genuine male model strippers. Most of their strippers have been on major advertisements and still travel the world as male models. Another favorite is Beefcake Male Revue which hosts beefy gorgeous male exotic dancers and massage men. This company originated in Boston and now runs male strip shows along the East coast. Last but not least is the American-Babes Male Striptease Revue. This group has an incredible cast of finely sculpted men. Each of these companies hosts a show in New York City every Friday and Saturday night. If your New York bachelorette party cannot make it to the male strip shows you can always hire a male stripper to come to your party. Savage-Men seems to have the cutest and most available strippers out of all the groups and this is mainly because they have multiple show locations from Connecticut to Atlantic City. So, if you are planning a bachelorette party in New York City at least now you have a few options.


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